Based on the old favorite Hide and Seek. Rogue Operatives is an online multiplayer Prop Hunt game where one team hides in plain sight as ordinary objects, while the second team hunts them down!

The Rogues play as a series of props that are level specific; Rake, Hay Bail, Fire Extinguisher and more. The object of the Rogues are to blend into their surroundings, and adapt to their environment while they move around the map avoiding the Operatives at all costs.

The Operatives objective is to eliminate the Rogues by any means necessary. Shoot the objects throughout the map to destroy them and remove the Rogues hiding places, and utilize your radar to flush out the enemy.

RSS News and Updates

  • Going to Free to Play 2017-07-28
    Please be aware that we have requested Steam to make Rogue Operatives Hide and Seek free to play.
  • Update out and Discord community link 2017-02-15
    Rogue Operatives now with 7 highly detailed maps and with redesigned menus. Join our growing community for chat and organised games.... discord invite
  • Game events this weekend 2016-12-06
    We have two events set up for this weekend. Saturday evening UK time 9:00 pm and Sunday evening 10:00 pm see you there.